Are You Ready For Christmas Party?

The Christmas period is always full of social events, how to prepare before catching up with your friends & colleagues who come from different corners of the world? 

Make sure you don't get caught out by the festive season and get prepared in the coming weeks.

5 Days To Go

One way to ensure you are looking & feeling your best for a festive party is to get a minimum of eight hours' quality sleep a night. 
There are lots of ticks to improving your sleep, including create a restful home environment, doing exercise during the day, putting down all electronics an hour before you go to sleep, wind down and clear your head.
Enjoy your bath time, put on your overnight mask before go to sleep, GOOD NIGHT Pretty.

1. B. Radiant Overnight Mask 50ml
2. Polar Fizzer Bath Ball 120g
3. Hydrating Body Milk HAPPY RELAX 150m
4. Yogamat

2 Days To Go

Paper masks are a great way to top-up earlier treatments and should be part of the beauty regime in the run up to any event.
So many paper masks on the market promising detox, tighten, hydrate, brighten..., pick one or fews from and find the perfect match with your face, eyes and lips.

1. B. Purified Clay Mask 10ml
2. B. Hydrating Leave On Mask 10ml
3. B. Detox Clay Mask 10ml
4. B. Glowing Clay Mask 10ml
5. P&G Biocellulose Hydratin Mask 8ml
6. P&G Fresh Eye Patch 2.48g


On The Day

Spending time picking out makeup products that you trust to make sure you look your best will help make this a stress-free process. Regardless of if you prefer to wear just a little or a lot of makeup, a great makeup products will keep your finish flawless.

1. Northern Lights Brush Set
2. Superdrug Studio London Glitter Kit
3. Superdrug Studio London Eyelash Set
4. Magic Eyeshadow Pen
5. Sparkling Snowflake Makeup Palette

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