Away From The City

Twenty-first-century travellers are realising that to escape from modern technology, one of the best bets is to intentionally choose Wi-Fi-free hotels or pockets of the country with no intrusive phone signal at all. These are the very best places on the planet from which to escape your mobile - the best digital detox holidays around.

Maybe you'll find yourself while you're there.


1. Naturals Aloe Vera Shampoo 100ml  2. Naturals Aloe Vera Conditioner 100ml  3. Naturals Aloe Vera Shower Gel 100ml  4. Naturals Aloe Vera Deodorant Spray 110ml  5. Solait SPF50 Moisturising Sun Spray 200ml  6. Solait Pouch SPF50 50ml  7. P&G Mini Face Mask 3pcs  8. P&G In-Shower Hydrating Lotion 50ml  9. P&G Mini Facial Cleansing Wipes (5 boxes)  10. P&G SOS High Precision Anti-Imperfections 20pcs  11. My Travel Brushes Kit 23  12. Superdrug Fruity Toothbrush Holder White  13. Solait Money Belt  14. Roll & Relax Airbed Twin  15. Cat Shape Manicure Set  16. Mini Brush Set With Case  17. Travel Bottle Set 9PCS  18. Silicon Travel Bottle 60ml 3PCS  19. Travel Bottle 4PCS (100ml)

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