My Enchanting Garden

Spring Flowers Make Us Dream

Today, nature holds an increasingly important place in the cosmetic world. It is gradually taking over the makeup sector after having conquered the skincare universe. Nature is expressed in a variety of ways, from the trending green colour to the use of natural ingredients in formulas, not to mention the inevitable power of flowers. 

Flowers take us away with their shapes, colours and fragrances, they symbolise femininity and elegance. Admire flowers magnificent, incomparable beauty as they are touched by the morning dew or as they catch the sunlight.

Spring flowers belong to a fantasy world that echoes our childlike spirit. Marionnaud brings us to explore this enchanting garden.




1. My Beloved Lashes Mascara 01 Black Onyx / 02 Forest Green
2. My SuperGlide Eyeliner 01 Ebony Black / 02 Cypress Green
3. My Delicate Blush 01 Pink Camelia / 02 Coral Dahlia
4. My CrystalShine Gloss 01 Pink Hibiscus / 02 Coral Amaryllis


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