A daring look.

sources from BEAUTYSTREAM

MARIONNAUD has created a graphic look for the most creative women who want to assert their daring and intrepid side. Dare to wear surprising make-up that still exudes femininity! Fascinate passers-by like never before. 


Apply My SimplyGlow Primer 01 Universal Golden using My Flat Foundation Brush 01.

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Very lightly apply the blush from MY DESERT LAND PALETTE to the hollow of the cheek and extend up towards the temples. Also frame the eyes by putting blush on the arch of the brow. Use My Slanted Blush Brush 11. 


Don't darken them; brush them upwards to create a "wild" spirit using My Brow Designer Pencil.

Intensify the lash line with the kohl pencil from MY HYPNOTIC EYES SET.

Use MY WILD EYES PALETTE for all the make-up steps. First evenly apply the Divine Halo shade to the upper eyelid using My Smudger Eyeshadow Brush 16. Focus on the inner corner to illuminate the eye.

Then use My Slanted Eyeliner & Brow Brush 18 and the sparkly green shade from the palette to create the graphic line. Draw a line in the crease of the eyelid that follows the shape of the eye, moving from the inside outwards. Refine it by stretching out the two ends. Use the same process for the line under the eye on the lower eyelid. Bring it upwards to meet the upper line. Don't follow the lash line; frame the eye. The aim? To follow the shape of the eye to create an impressive and feminine graphic effect.

After drawing this line with the eyeshadow, boost its intensity and "wild" spirit with MON EYELINER GRAPHIQUE from the permanent range. Use the tip of the eyeliner to make small dots all along the green line, making sure that these dots are distinct, precise and close enough to give a clear and visible result. 

Lastly, finish with the mascara from MY HYPNOTIC EYES SET: apply just one coat to avoid weighing down the eyes.


My Lips Brush 22 to apply MON BAUME CHERIE LOVABLE ROSEWOOD to the lips for a natural yet feminine effect. 

The ultimate sophistication

A look such as this deserves an exotic and daring black shade: n°30 WILD BLACK. 



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