Marionnaud Back To Childhood


For Mother’s Day 2019, Marionnaud is launching a new fun, the glamorous limited-time-only collection that will take all women back to the carefree days of childhood, all with complete elegance

To bring women back to their favourite years, and because every woman’s beauty is timeless, the brand is enhancing and spicing up women’s daily lives with a spark of freshness.

The new products in the collection are easy to slide into your bag, perfect for an instant beauty touch-up, compatible with any look, and a must-have for every occasion. They’ll live up to every woman’s expectations in keeping with her budget! 

Because leading the life of an active woman isn’t exactly relaxing, women have to become super-mums.


Marionnaud is launching a FUN assortment of eight products for Mother’s Day that suit everyone’s taste and budget. 

  • Feminine: products designed for women
  • Unique: for one-of-a-kind looks
  • Nomadic: travel-friendly sizes

The advantage? An assortment of golden stickers is included with each palette so it can be customised to your heart’s content!