About Us



Operating over 16,000 stores in 27 markets around the world gives us unrivalled scale and unparalleled reach in some of the most dynamic beauty markets across the globe. International Buying (IB) is the Group commercial function of ASW. We have dedicated expert teams in Asia (Hong Kong) and Europe (Switzerland). To maintain our market leading proposition in health and beauty, the international buying team is focused on developing commercial synergies across the network; sourcing new suppliers; developing brands; launching innovations and managing global supplier partnerships with some of the world’s best known brands.



We play a number of strategic roles across the organisation; partner, sourcing specialist, distributor and brand developer! Hence we offer many opportunities for collaboration and partnership in value creation opportunities across the physical and digital retail estate of ASW. We are always looking for business partners who want to bring more to the lives of our customers!

If you own a dynamic retail chain, distribution channel or online platform looking to get market exclusive, qualitative and better value health and beauty products, email us at ib-life.com!  Creating own brands is a passion and you will know many of our Brands; we have a global network of QA certified manufacturing partners we work with and have market leading brand development capabilities. In addition, our CRM programs and strength in digital marketing are empowering us to develop faster more customer centric brands than ever before. We are looking for new markets and partners to help us connect more customers around the world with our products! 

If you are an established brand looking for strategic partnership, register to be our business partner - Go! You might be looking for new markets to expand into or to engage with our business across areas such as buying, marketing, CRM, category development, big data or eCommerce.  Please visit our website at ib-life.com where you can send us information about your products.



I Can Be...

We're convinced that everyone has a unique personality. We must break the rule, trust ourselves and jump out of the box. We can be anything we want, we can move in our own way!