Collagen White Regeneration Blending Oil Serum 45ml

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Collagen Whitening Range Blending Oil Serum
Collagen By Watsons White Regeneration Blending Oil Serum Collagen By Watsons White Regeneration Range Is Upgraded With An Advanced Korean Whitening Breakthrough System To Offer A Round-The-Clock Skin Pigmentation Solution And Enhanced Optic Light Reflection. The Innovative Penta-Lucent System Helps Make Your Skin Whiter, Fairer, More Translucent, And Naturally Glowing, Inside And Out. Embrace Optic White Beauty Like Never Before, On Photos And In Reality.
Penta-Lucent System - A Round-The-Clock System Packed With 5 Powerful Active Ingredients That Helps 1. Prevent Melanin Formation 2. Prevent Melanin From Transferring To Skin Surface 3. Brighten And Lighten Skin Tone 4 Diminish Pigmentation Spot 5 Reduce Melanin Korean Liquid Crystal Technology Facilitates Deeper Penetration And Faster Absorption. Chromocare Helps Whiten Skin, Reduce Dullness And Bring Out A Soft Natural Glow While Enhancing Light Reflection For A Translucent Glow Tri-Collagen (Marine Collagen, Green Collagen, Hydrolysed Collagen) Activates Skin Regeneration, Boosts Elasticity, And Enhances Skin Smoothness.
White Regerenation Blending Oil Serum Combines The Advantages Of A Serum And An Oil In A Magic Ratio. Blend It With Your Skincare And Makeup Products To Enjoy Enhanced Absorption And Whitening, With A Fresh Finish For Naturally Radiant, Translucent Skin.

Direction For Use:
Use Day And Night After Cleansing And Toning. Apply An Adequate Amount And Massage Onto Face And Neck; Or 2. Blend Into Different Skincare Products Before Application; Or 3. Blend Into Foundation, Bb Cream Or Cc Cream Before Application.