Electric Foot File

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Electronic Foot File. Get feet that look great and feel super smooth without any hassle. Buffs away hard skin in minutes leaving you with fabulous feet that you'll want to show off. It's so easy to use. Gently rotate the file over hard skin and see the dead skin disappear. Once your feet are smooth and soft breathe a sigh of relief. 

For smooth and soft feet, use the Kruidvat Electric Foot File. This skin remover removes hard skin and calluses from your feet and is easy to use.

How do you use the Kruidvat Electric Foot File? 
Move the Kruidvat Electric Hard Skin Remover over the hard-skin areas on your feet. Read the instructions in the package for detailed instructions. 

Package contents
The Kruidvat Electric Foot File comes with 2 refills (coarse and fine), a cleaning brush and 2 AA Alkaline batteries.