Face Cleansing Cream With Water Lily Extract

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Restore soft, comfortable skin with this cream enriched with water lily extract. It eliminates makeup and impurities and changes into a creamy, easy-to-rinse foam, leaving skin clean and soft.

Comprising over 90% natural-origin ingredients, this cleansing cream eliminates makeup and impurities and transforms into a creamy, easy-to-rinse foam for soft and comfortable skin.

Enriched with Water Lily Extract, it gently eliminates impurities for perfect makeup removal that cares for the face. Doesn't dry out the skin. No sensations of tightness.

Ingredients: Over 90% natural-origin ingredients. Water Lily is an aquatic plant renowned for its purifying and beautifying action.

How To Use: Massage into damp skin with the fingertips then rinses with warm water.