Face Radiance Essence With Ginger Infusion

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Give your skin a moment of freshness with this mist featuring kiwi extract. For perfectly moisturised skin, hold it 15 cm away from your face and spray it on with circular motions with your eyes closed. A beauty tip? Spritz it on top of makeup any time of day!

Comprising over 90% natural-origin ingredients and ideal for dull complexions, this essence refreshes and hydrates the skin.

With its lightly textured formula, this ginger infusion helps revive the radiance of the complexion for soft, luminous skin.

Ingredients: Over 90% natural-origin ingredients. Ginger is a source of potassium and is rich in Manganese.

How To Use: Use a cotton pad to apply all over the face to perfect makeup removal and/or to prepare your skin before your skincare.

Beauty tip: For a 'splash' effect, pour a small amount of the product into the palm of your hands with a little water and apply to the face.