My Desert Land Palette

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"For luminous make-up"


My Desert Land Palette is a great solution for overtaxed mums!

Containing 12 eyeshadows and 3 shades of blush, this ultra-practical palette can be used to create full looks ranging from classic to bold.

The first six shadows in shades of pink, taupe, brown and deep purple reflect the delicate spirit of soft and sunny make-up. The six other shades – sand, copper, bronze and dark khaki tones – are perfect for achieving a more smouldering look.

My Desert Land Palette also contains nude shades that are easy to use every day. Mix the shades and materials together to create shimmering colours and unique finishes that will showcase your eyes! The colours are both soft and deep, like a genuine play of light.

The bright shades of the three blushes – peach, coral and pink – perfectly suit fair or darker skin.