My Nail & Cuticle Scrub

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My Nail & Cuticle Scrub Cares For Your Nails And Their Contours. This Effective Product Is The Perfect Combination Of A Skincare Formula And A High-Performance Applicator.
Its Pleasant Gel Texture Is Formulated With Botanical Active Ingredients. It Works In Two Stages: First It Softens The Cuticles, Even Dry And Hard Cuticles, Then It Gently Exfoliates Them.
Its Applicator Is Convenient And Easy To Use. The Super-Soft Foam Tip Provides For Pleasant, Targeted Application.
The Formula Holds The Promise Of Gorgeous Nails With Clean, Even Contours.

Apply Directly On The Nail And Its Contour. Thanks To The Foam Tip, Massage In To Gently Exfoliate.
Then Rinse Your Hands With Soapy Water To Remove Remaining Product.