My Nail Glow Rescuer

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My Nail Glow Rescuer Enhances The Nails’ Natural Beauty, Instantly Giving Them A Healthy Glow. Its Quick-Drying Formula Perfects Your Manicure’S Radiance And Intensifies Shine. Your Nails Look Radiant With Health And Appear More Luminous. This Brilliant Product Perfectly Combines Three Different Actions.
Applied In A Single Coat On Bare Nails, It Revives The Nails’ Natural Colour, Enhancing The Pink Hue In The Middle Of The Nail And Making The Tip Of The Nail Seem Whiter And Brighter. When Two Coats Are Applied To Bare Nails, It Boosts The Nails’ Pink Colour And Their Natural Shape.
The Cherry On Top? If You Apply It A Few Days After Your Manicure, It Refreshes The Colour Of Your Nail Lacquer.
You’Ll Be Sure To Fall For This Addictive Product.

Product That Can Be Used In The 3 Following Ways:
1) Apply A Single Coat On Clean And Bare Nails To Revive The Natural Color Of The Nails.
2) Apply Two Coats On Clean And Bare Nails To Boost The Pink Color Of The Nails And Their Natural Shape.
3) Apply A Few Days After Having Done Your Manicure To Refresh The Color Of Your Nail Lacquer.