My Nail Hardener

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My Nail Hardener Is So Easy To Apply That It Glides Onto Your Nails. As Soon As You Apply The Nail Lacquer, Your Nails Look Smoother And The Surface Appears More Uniform. This Hardening Base Protects Even The Most Fragile Nails. It Helps Reinforce And Harden Nails, Making Them Visibly Stronger.
The Formula Also Helps To Correct And Smooth Out Flaws On The Nail Surface, Such As Ridges And Small Imperfections.
This Nail Lacquer Creates A Protective Barrier, Making Your Nails Look Stronger And Harder.

Direction For Use:
Apply In 2 Layers On Clean And Bare Nails.
Renew The Application Every Three Days In Order To Optimize Its Benefit.
Do Not Use On Top Of A Nail Polish Color Coat.