My Sunlight Powder 02 Golden Sun

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With My Sunlight Powder your complexion is warm and luminous! This iridescent powder blends with the skin without leaving any traces for a naturally tanned complexion. Its buildable result allows you to sculpt your face as you please. This soft and airy powder delivers optimal comfort. Your complexion is sun-kissed all year round!

Tips & Advice:

My Sunlight Powder can be applied alone or after your foundation.
With the powder brush, you can apply My Sunlight Powder in 2 ways depending on the desired make-up: 
On the whole face, from the centre outwards, for a warm and luminous complexion.
By drawing a 3 on each side of the face (forehead, cheekbones, chin) to sculpt your face. 
Before applying to the face, take care to remove the excess powder by tapping the top of your hand.