Power Toothbrush

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Watsons Power Toothbrush is fitted with contoured DuPont Tynex bristles to clean every tooth surface. The rounded soft bristles also gently massage gums to keep them healthy. 
‧The rotating brush head increases the cleaning action for complete hygiene. 
‧For best results, dentists recommend changing your toothbrush or brush head every 2-3 months.
‧5000 oscillations per minute.

Product Usage

1. Place a small amount of toothpaste on head of toothbrush and press the “ON” button to activate oscillating action.
2. Brush teeth for 2-3 minutes.
3. Press “OFF” button to turn off unit.
4. Rinse brush head after each use.
5. To replace batteries, pull off battery cap from the base of the toothbrush. Insert new batteries into battery compartment and close tightly.
6. To remove brush head, twist and pull anti-clockwise. To replace brush head, push on brush head and twist clockwise.

Product Warnings

‧Do not immerse unit in water.
‧Children under 5 should use under adult supervision.
‧Powered by 2 x AA batteries (Batteries not included).