Superdrug Studio Mascara Wands 12 Pack

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These wands can be inserted into any mascara lid so that you can match your favourite mascara formula with your favourite wand.
4 wands to create a variety looks


Spiral mascara wands:
This cone appearance brush is a combination of different shapes. The thickest part gives more volume to the outer lashes and the thin tip gives more precision and helps to define the little lashes of the inner corner of the eye. Perfect for short or long eyelashes
Sphere Shape & Bottom Lash Wand

These ball-shaped & bottom lash wands are perfect for a high definition. They give the same result than a regular brush but with more precision because of their very small size. They perfectly separate each lash, the small brush helps to reach easily the lashes directly from the root
Plastic Bristles Wand – Define, Add Volume and Curl
This usually slim wand is perfect to define and separate the lashes. The plastic or rubber bristles are very good at providing volume as well as length. Good for very short lashes. Be careful this brush picks up an irregular amount of product because the plastic is non-absorbent.
Straight Wand – Lengthen & Volumize
Ideal if you have straight lashes. Make sure the curve faces upwards and the lashes sit into the curve when you use this wand.It imitates the natural curve of the eye, it helps to apply the product and to lift and curl the lashes for a wide eyed doll result.

Product Specification
Size (0) Unit (EA) Height (16) Width (5) Depth (5)